Flags for the Earth

Design Biennial Zurich 2017

Taking the current global political situation as a starting point – in which nations are building walls rather than collectively facing up to urgent future challenges – Postfossil invited 15 designers from around the world to design a flag for the Earth.
The flags were made and hoisted for the first time on the hill of the Old Botanical Gardens during the Design Biennale Zurich. The former fortress became the visual hub for a young international design movement over four days, its creation reflecting the condition of the natural world, society and our planet, making statements and elaborating solutions. The flags reflect future society, bringing unification to the fore.

Check the projects website to see all flags and the stories behind! www.flagsfortheearth.org

Client, year: Zurich Design Biennial

Principal: Postfossil

Area: Curation and Szenography

Assignment: Concept, design

Photo Credits: Philipp Hänger