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The mobile dental practice

After more than two years of hard development work, the Dentaxis® mobile treatment room was launched, to make it easier for people with limited mobility to access dental care. It fulfils high quality standards for both patients and dentists, with the most modern medical technology, including a mobile X-ray machine. 

All materials have been optimised according to their properties and requirements. The use of plastics and foams is indispensable in the automotive industry and is used specifically in areas where they are necessary and functional, due to their properties of lightness and resistance: indispensable for the body structure. Materials from renewable resources such as wood for the furniture and linoleum for the floor were used in the interior. Acoustic foam made from recycled PET was used for the ceiling construction. The furniture fronts, partly made of a material combination of perforated aluminium sheet and also PET panels, significantly reduce the weight compared to conventional wood and also offer more sound-absorbing surfaces.

The colour concept is based on three basic colours. Sky blue is known to have associations such as boundless, fresh and liberating. Dark blue can have a truthful and confidence-building effect. Green for natural, healthy and relaxing. Cloudy or warm white symbolises floating and effortlessness.

The project is a collaboration between konzeptS AG and Dentaxis GmbH.

Fotocredits: Dentaxis GmbH

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