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Zürcher Filmpreis

Zurich Film Award

The design of the Zurich Film Award is inspired by a photograph by director Alfred Hitchcock. In this cult portrait he is shown sitting at a table with a magnifying glass in front of his face. 

Christine Birkhoven and Annina Gähwiler liked this effect of setting details in scene by using the magnifying glass as an object. But a magnifying glass does not only set the scene, it is also the means to look closely and check the quality of details. It is thus also symbolic of the work of the Zurich Film Prize jury, which is intent on awarding prizes to qualitatively outstanding works and achievements. 

It is often the details that make the decisive difference.

Client: Zürcher Filmstiftung

Photography: Christine Birkhoven, Annina Gähwiler, Pascale Weber (Zürcher Filmstiftung)

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